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Hello! I’m Dr. Lori Runge

 I am Dr. Lori Runge, and I am curious… Can you remember the last time you felt at peace with yourself and the world around you!?

You can STOP ruminating and begin a new way of BEING in your life rather than DOING your life! Your productivity, energy, and creativity will expand exponentially once you choose to let go of DOING and start BEING. It is my passion and joy to co-create a plan that allows you to live the life you desire to BE present in your life moment by moment!

I believe you are the expert in your life, and what I provide is objective guidance for you to uncover your strengths and gifts, providing you with a “toolbox” of options. My greatest joy is to see you unlock yourself from living in the past or the future, and instead choose to embrace the present and live in the moment! I wholeheartedly believe that self-love, awareness, acceptance, non-judgment, and forgiveness are keys to living an authentic and joyful life!


I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy

Do you find yourself living the dream life and yet feeling there is something not quite right about your world?

Couples & Families

No matter your current communication pattern, there are ways to create different patterns where each person feels heard and supported.

Corporate Groups

As a business consultant, I use both my knowledge of the corporate domain and my expertise in change mechanisms to enhance productivity and creativity throughout the organization.

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Mindfulness: A Tool For Couples to Resolve Communication Issues

Mindfulness: A Tool For Couples to Resolve Communication Issues

Using Mindfulness For Couples Communication Issues Licensed Couples Therapist Dr. Lori Runge Explains How To Use Mindfulness To Improve Communication Between You and Your Partner Fostering strong communication is vital for any relationship, but in times of stress or...

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

What are the benefits of adding mindfulness to your therapy routine? Dr. Lori Runge explains how mindfulness can help with stress & anxiety Mindfulness is the practice of learning how to be in control of our attention process. What we choose to pay attention to...

Self-Love through the Lens of Mindfulness

Self-Love through the Lens of Mindfulness

What does it mean to love yourself? It is the unshakeable knowledge that you are good enough just as you; no changes needed!  You are a gift to this world just as you are; you were meant to be, and there is no other human on this planet like you, you are not...

Make a Difference (MAD) Podcast

Episode 21 - Dr. Lori

“Lori has a certain way of making you feel comfortable, her demeanor is calming and soothing, you just feel like she understands you and that there really is light at the end of tunnel.”

“Anyone that chooses Lori to be their therapist is really lucky. She will help you work through your problems and it won’t always be fun, but it won’t always be horrible either. She will make you laugh and think at the same time.”

“When we came to therapy I was doing it for my wife. I knew she needed help, but I was okay I was just coming for her sake. Boy was I wrong Lori helped me see that I had a part in how my wife attitude that I contributed to her anxiety and that just because I thought everything was fine didn’t mean it was. Lori helped us grow closer than we had been in years.”

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