Individual Therapy & Counseling

 Practicing Mindfulness as a Therapeutic Treatment

I work in tandem with my individual therapy and counseling clients to ensure that their goals are aligned with the treatment plan to create a positive, sustainable shift in their relationships. I believe that my clients are the experts in their lives, and what I provide is objective guidance for them to uncover their strengths and gifts. This  enables them to live their best life.

What to Expect from Individual Therapy

Every individual that walks through my doors has their own story, and one that is unique to them. My hope is to help you untangle whatever pain or challenge that is getting in your way of living your best life NOW. You are the expert of your life and my goal is to help you find a new way of being with yourself and the world around you.

How long does therapy last?

It is your journey to a new way of being, and you get to choose when you no longer want or need therapy. You know yourself better than anyone. Many of my individual clients see me 6-12 times and then choose to see me occasionally. Others choose to see me longer; but it depends on what you are seeking to heal.

The Power of Knowledge and Choice

I use the basic tenets of mindfulness to begin the process of acceptance and awareness of your thoughts. When you begin the process of understanding that you have the power to choose what thoughts are beneficial to you, and which thoughts are just the” inner critic chatter.” You are on the road to freedom and that comes from knowing with clarity that when you respond to a thought it is because it has a benefit to you. The outcome is something that will have a positive impact in your life. 

The days of endlessly second guessing yourself will slowly diminish the inner critic will no longer rule you will! You will be able to decide with clarity, who you want to be and how you want to show up in this world. Gone will be the days of shaming yourself and self-loathing, in place you will have a profound understanding of the power you possess in choosing to live your best life NOW! You get to decide no one else has the power to choose the outcome of your life. 

It is a privilege and honor to walk beside my clients on their path to healing and self-discovery. This comes with finding a new way of being with yourself and the world around you.

Resolvable Hiccups on the Path to a Peaceful & Joyful Life

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Relationship Issues
  • Family of origin issues 
  • Life transitions
  • Lack of Self-Love

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Dr. Lori Runge understand that each individual, couple and family have their own unique story. She helps her clients resolve the challenges they face based on their perspective and what they want their outcome to be. Lori uses her training in mindfulness to help her clients begin the process of acceptance and awareness. Once individual therapy clients begin the process of acceptance and awareness, they are better able to understand and explore their options for creating the life they want to live with clarity. 

Lori’s greatest joy is to see her clients stop living in the past or the future and instead choose to embrace the present and live in the moment. She wholeheartedly believes that self-love, awareness, acceptance and forgiveness are keys to living an authentic and joyful life.