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I wholeheartedly believe that each of us deserves to live our best lives now, and what holds us back from living our best lives is feeling that we do not measure up. Our inner critic takes over the joy in our lives by incessantly insisting that” we are not enough.”  My approach comes through the basic principles of mindfulness acceptance, awareness, non-judgement, which leads to self-love and forgiveness. These principles guide me in helping you create a plan that will alleviate the inner critics’ hold on you and allow you the freedom and space to work on life’s challenges with clarity and calmness.  I believe in collaborating and co-creating a plan that works for you to take you where you want to go in all of the roles you hold in your life.  


We make our lives so incredibly “busy” chasing what we think will be the ticket to happiness, that we forget to take a breath and see what we have in front of us. How many milestones need to come and go before you recognize that the joy of life is found in the present moment.   

What would life be like if clarity, calmness, and peace were your new normal, instead of the anomaly?  What is stopping from making today the day you choose to start on the path to a new way of being with yourself and the world around you.

Life Transitions

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We have a choice as how to adjust and evolve with the inevitable life transitions. It is my privilege to walk beside you to untangle and navigate the challenges life transitions can bring.

Couples Infidelity

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Infidelity is not the sign that someone does not love you normally; it is a poor attempt at not addressing the problems within the marriage or relationship. While this is one of the most painful experiences a couple can go through, it is also an opportunity to build an even stronger, more authentic relationship with your partner.

Stress and Anxiety

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 Feeling chronically stressed takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul. Together we will devise a plan to give you the tools to choose clarity and calmness over stress and anxiety.

Strained Relationships

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As human beings, we are hardwired to connect and whenever an important relationship is strained, it is an unpleasant and disruptive occurrence in our lives. Together we will untangle what is at the core of the disruption and create a plan to repair and strengthen the relationship.

Couple Communication Issues

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Communication issues are common in all relationships. The difference in committed relationships is that we seem to think the other person can read our minds. Together we will cultivate a new way of communicating that does not include mindreading!

Family of Origin Issues

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 Our family of origin can be where we find our strength and resilience, a haven to restore ourselves, or it can also be the place that causes us the most pain. Learning how our family system worked, the roles, rules, and patterns that were spoken and unspoken help us understand ourselves and give us choices to respond and shift the patterns in our lives today.  

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